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T Benus Associates LLC – Focused on Assisting Nonprofits

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Contact Tami: info@TamiBenus.com

Phone: (573) 607-3290

Address: 1808 Monroe St, Columbia, MO 65201 (Google Maps)


Our goal is to assist Non Profit Executive Directors and Staff with:

  • QuickBooks Training
  • Preparing Financial Reports
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Conference Room Reservation

About Tami Benus, CPA

I started my first company in May 1995 as a home based business. I wanted to be both a mom and a provider for my son, so running my own business from home seemed a natural fit. Many folks informed me that “I was not a real business since I didn’t have a store front.” Apparently in the 1990’s it was taboo to have a home office, even if it was the best decision for your family. I ignored the naysayers and had faith. I knew God intended me to be a mom first as well as a provider for my family – this was His plan. My faith has always rewarded me in ways I could only imagine, including allowing me to operate Tami R. Benus, CPA for 20 years now.

My business has allowed me to help others with more than their taxes. I assisted several ladies who were going through the secretarial program at the Career Center with their internships so they could put into practice the skills they were learning in the classroom. Now I extend that same internship style experience to accounting majors at community colleges. I am also a volunteer with Love INC, sharing my knowledge of taxes and finance with families in need.

My son was my first employee. My lessons in entrepreneurship must have resonated because he now runs his own business as well. When he graduated from high school I made the decision to move the company out of my home.

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Some would say “not bad for a small town country girl”. I say “look what the Lord has done.”

Like all businesses, we’ve had our bumps as well as our successes. But, as in the beginning, I find as long as I keep my priorities straight and in God’s will, it is amazing what we can accomplish.

Services For The Deaf/Hard of Hearing

American Sign Language and soon-to-come TTY/TDD

Since 1998, Tami R. Benus has been offering her services to the Deaf community. Donald K. Benfield, Treasurer of the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Association of the Deaf, writes:

Our organization has grown to where we needed services from a local Certified Public Accountant to assist us with IRS and the state of Missouri. Upon learning through the grapevine about Tami Benus’ services and her compassion for people, we decided to hire her services on a trial basis pending on the needs of our organization.

Since 1998, we have been pleased with the aspect of the Quality Services/Support from our Certified Public Accountant, Tami Benus. Benus’ knowledge with the aspects of IRS and the state of Missouri Law for Non-profit organization helped us resolved an unforgiving situation that could have escalated into more frustrations for our officers and members had we challenged this situation alone.

Because of Benus’ knowledge of some Sign Language with the help of written notes, there are no communication barriers, which we earned her Compassion, Understanding, and Prompt and Effective service with Quality than any local competitors working with Deaf people.

Having said that, as a Satisfied Customer, we always look forward to coming back to our next office visit. Benus’ office setting has a Warm and Welcome home feeling. If you need a CPA, you can count on Tami Benus.

Some Charities T. Benus Associates Work with & Supports:

The Lead Institute Logo Advocacy for the Deaf with Tami Benus Associates in Columbia MO Not For Profits Nonprofits
The Food Bank Logo Charity with Tami Benus Associates in Columbia MO Not For Profits Nonprofits
Love INC In the Name of Christ Church Charity with Tami Benus Associates in Columbia MO Not For Profits Nonprofits
Grade A Plus Academic Support and Enrichment with Tami Benus Associates in Columbia MO Not For Profits Nonprofits

News & Updates for Not-for-Profits

How to Create an Account on MO Secretary of State to Register Your Not-For-Profit’s Name (Video 2a)

By |August 10th, 2020|Categories: Not-For-Profits|

Watch Video 1 if you haven't already. Checking Not-for-Profit Name Availability with Missouri Secretary of State. This video walks you through the process of Creating an Account for your Non-Profit on the Sec of State’s website Remember I am setting up a dummy Nonprofit. I will not actually submit this. I simply want you to become familiar with the website and how it works.

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