Watch Video 1 if you haven’t already. Checking Not-for-Profit Name Availability with Missouri Secretary of State.

This video walks you through the process of Creating an Account for your Non-Profit on the Sec of State’s website:

Remember I am setting up a dummy Nonprofit. I will not actually submit this. I simply want you to become familiar with the website and how it works.

    1. You will need to set up an account: a log in name and password
    2. Click on Business Services
    3. File a Registration report
    4. You need to set up a new account
    5. Click “log in”
    6. If this is your 1 st time, you must create account
    7. Once this is completed, we click on create a new company
    8. Click on Create Nonprofit Domestic
    9. The website will walk you through the questions you need to answer
    10. If you like to fill out the forms before filing it online, watch Video 2a
    11. Video 2a will walk you through how to print the blank form
    12. Otherwise, follow the form and answer all the questions
    13. A few things to think about: are you gong to be perpetual? Probably
    14. Will you have members? Maybe/Maybe Not
    15. What is your purpose? Why are you setting up this non-profit?
    16. Who do you want to be your registered agent?
      1. It can be you, your attorney, your CPA.
      2. This is a service T. Benus Associates offers. Contact Us about it.
    17. Who will be your authorized signature – usually it is you.
    18. You must click the 2 boxes saying you agree to terms
    19. You have a change to review what you have typed
    20. Once you are ready, hit submit
    21. You can pay for this online with your credit card OR print and mail it in
    22. If you pick snail mail, the fee is larger

NEXT: After you watch the below video, move on to Video 2b: Registering your Non-Profit with MO Secretary of State