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This video explains what you will need to include in the Bylaws for your Missouri Not-for-Profit Organization.

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Your Bylaws Need to Have:

  1. Your Legal Name
  2. Your Nonprofit’s Purpose
  3. If you are going to have memberships in your nonprofit, you need an article on this, what makes a person eligible to be a member; what are dues; rights of the member; resignation or termination process; are they a voting or nonvoting member.
  4.  Article on Meetings: how often; what about special meetings; how are notices to be given about the meetings; when you have items to vote – what makes a Quorum; Who can vote
  5. Article on Board of Directors: who; how long do they serve; qualifications.
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Will you have an advisory board?
  8. Removal of a Board Member: what is the process/ why might this need to be done?
  9. Article regarding Officers: what officers are you going to have — President; VP; Secretary, Treasure. What are the criteria for them to be elected; how long do they server; what/how do you remove an officer
  10. Are you going to have committee? If yes which ones; who will head these. Most organizations have the Executive Committee and Finance Committee – there are many others you might need as the organization grows.
  11. The IRS requires you have a Whistle Blower policy and a Conflict of Interest Policy. There are several samples of these on the internet OR I have some that I have used with other clients.
  12. Indemnification By-Law says your members/officers will be held harmless, this you may want to seek legal council on.
  13. You will want an insurance policy that will protect your officers/volunteers and members – talk to your insurance agent to see what is best for your organization. Unfortunately we live in a suing society.

This is just a short summary of Bylaws. Do your research and see what is best for you and your organization. Or, hire T. Benus Associates to help you! Contact Tami: or Phone: (573) 607-3290