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This video walks you through the process of Registering your Non-Profit with MO Secretary of State on the SOS’s website:

  1. Go to fees and forms
  2. Scroll down to Article of Incorporation
  3. You can print this form off and hand fill in the information before you go online to actually file
  4. Fill in Nonprofit name that you have verified you can have
  5. Typically, you will want to be perpetual
  6. Registered Agent – this can be you; Need to make sure you keep this address current so you don’t miss important mailings. This is a service T Benus Associates provides
  7. Your incorporators – the state wants 3 names. Usually
  8. Members – yes or no
  9. Assets – what will happen down the road and you decide to close the nonprofit; you need to state where these will do. These assets – even it it’s just a bank account. This is not your money – you need to donate this to another 501c3 OR make sure you spend down for your purpose
  10. When do you want this to be effective?

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