How employees handle & dispose of documents can make or break you.

When financial forecasts or year-end results get printed, or when reports or agendas are circulated for a meeting, they are at risk of being left open to unauthorized access when they are not handled and disposed of properly.

64% of data breaches are caused by human error, either by an external vendor or by an employee.

Here are 4 common ways a company is unintentionally exposed to a significant and unnecessary risk of an information breach when confidential information is:

  1. Left at printing stations
  2. Not stored in a locked storage unit or filing cabinet
  3. Put in the trash or recycling bins
  4. Left on old hard drives that should be destroyed

Educate your employees to help identify and reduce risks.

Download the FREE Helpful Security Plan Reminders PDF, print them and place them throughout your office as a reminder that information security is everyone’s job.