1. What is cyber security? Sounds silly – is it? Most folks use cyber security and information security interchangeable. They are different. Information Security is focused on protecting all information – regardless of it being in paper form or digital form. Cyber Security is focused on protecting electronic data from being compromised or attacked/stolen.

Here are some suggestions on how to protect your Information:

  • Shred information that has confidential information
  • Keep your desk locked
  • Lock your office

Here are some suggestions on how to protect your Electronic data:

  • Log off your computer when you are not at your desk
  • Have Privacy Screens on monitors
  • Make sure Wi-Fi password is changed every 30/60/90 days
  • Make sure the password to your firewall is changed every 30/60/90 days
  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi when you leave the office/home
  • Keep your malware and virus protection software up to date
  • Keep your software updated
  • Install Patches timely
  • Consider, having a policy “not allowing information downloaded to mobile devices” (thumb drive, etc)

This is not a complete list – it will help you starting thinking about Security. As always, we are available for consult to help you increase your company security

  1. Do you feel you are too small to worry about information or cyber security? Let me share a real story with you – Company with 2 employees. These employees were actually family members. You think – no problem, correct? Nope. One employee got their nose in a twit and decided to delete all the data that was in the client’s procedure folders. They opened each clients word document files and deleted all the information – client contact info; bank info; how and when that companies payroll was filed; and when the payroll taxes were due to the IRS and State. They resaved the word document – the goal being, no one would notice until after they quit. The other employee – noticed the files had been opened BUT should not have been – these clients payroll wasn’t due for 2 more weeks; because the primary owner was on top of things – the family member was fired; and because of good back ups, the company didn’t miss any IRS deadlines or payrolls for their clients.  SO – no company is to small to work about information or cyber security