Working from home – have you thought about “how Cyber secure you are”

If you as an employer are allowing your employees work from home on their own devices, could you be setting you company up for Disaster?

  • Have they reset the password to their WiFi/hotpot?
  • Have they updated their firm ware and firewall?
  • Do they even have a firewall?
  • Do they have a current anti-virus program that ISN’T a FREE one?
  • Do they have a current malware program that ISN’T a FREE one?
  • Are they allowing the children to play games on the “business computer”?

If you do not know the answers to these questions – you could be looking at Disaster for your company.

Are your employees  suing a dedicated VPN?

Have you changed the factory installed passwords?

Think about providing your employees with laptops that are dedicated to JUST business use.

Provide education to them so they make sure the children are not on them doing homework/playing games.

Make sure patches and updates are installed timely

Disconnect them from the network when not in use /turn them off – the hackers cannot hack what they cannot see or find Areas of vulnerability that most folks do not think about are printers and multi function devices that are attached to your network. These devices have their own paths to the network and the internet.